• If you look at the design, there are two Velcro straps in front and one on the heel. This enables you to adjust the width within a fairly large range. However, if your feet are really slim, you would lose some style as the straps might hang out somewhat.
    Answered on 6/6/2016 8:14:18 AM by Freejude from Washington, DC
  • They are a medium with and can be adjusted wider if you like.
    Answered on 6/6/2016 9:19:38 AM by active grammy from Augusta, GA
  • To me they are the right width, neither too wide nor too narrow. Because you can easily adjust the strap, you will find these sandals super comfortable unless you have super narrow feet.
    Answered on 6/6/2016 12:03:20 PM by Houston Gym goer from Houston
  • These do not feel too wide at all to me. They actually fit tighter than my other teva's that are the same style just different color.
    Answered on 6/6/2016 12:20:15 PM by Teva Tammy from Georgia
  • I have a narrow heel and a wider toe area, I find them to be almost perfect. They are narrower than my old tevas from about 3 years ago. The sole is not the same as the old tevas either, pity. The old style tevas had a "clunky" thick mush sole, these do not. Nicer looking but not as supremely soft to walk on.
    Answered on 6/6/2016 12:23:26 PM by lolasmom from syracuse, NY
  • My feet are medium width and I would say they are little wide for me but the shoes are really comfortable.
    Answered on 6/6/2016 1:23:21 PM by Polly Wolly Doodle from Wisconsin
  • My feet are about in the middle width size wise but i love the way tevas tighten up or loosen on any sz feet
    Answered on 6/9/2016 1:47:06 PM by Amber from OH