“What do these shoes weigh?”

Asked by Princess Bearfoot from Missouri on 3/28/2016 12:49:37 PM
  • I can't answer an exact amount. They don't tire my feet on a two-three hour hike or when I wear
    them for several hours. The straps are very light with sturdy soles--medium perhaps. Don't know if this
    Answered on 3/28/2016 12:58:19 PM by City Woman with hiking feet from Nashville
  • Ok I took one and weighed it for you. 7.5 ounces per shoe. ?????? very light weight but strong support and very comfortable.
    Answered on 3/28/2016 1:05:15 PM by Lolly from Idaho
  • I just placed my Teva's on the regular scale and it did not move. In other words: it is less than a pound......in fact, I would guess it is more like 1/4 pound. So not much. I don't have any other scale for an ounce reading............sorry!
    Answered on 3/28/2016 1:15:11 PM by Dietlinde from Washington
  • They are very light feeling on your foot, I cannot actually weigh them, but not clompy feeling at all.
    Answered on 3/28/2016 2:31:03 PM by Big Lake from Wisconsin
  • Mine weigh 1 lb 1 oz. I think they're size 8.
    Answered on 3/28/2016 2:47:06 PM by Babbo from Seattle WA
  • The specs say 8.5 oz. They are pretty lightweight. I think they compare pretty much to my lightweight Saucony running shoes.
    Answered on 3/28/2016 3:15:31 PM by Mountains & Seashore from NC
  • Don't have the actual wt but they are very light. Much lighter than Keene
    Answered on 3/28/2016 4:26:25 PM by Trishs from Ga
  • ~8.4oz each.
    Answered on 3/28/2016 5:25:27 PM by Alaskan in PA from Central PA
  • Don't know, but they are lightweight, unlike Chacos.
    Answered on 3/28/2016 5:37:53 PM by Kasiesmom from Florida
  • The two sandals together on my kitchen digital scale weigh just one pound.
    Answered on 3/28/2016 6:44:05 PM by Eileeny from Chico,Ca.
  • According to the product specs tab: Weight (pair): 1 lb. 2 oz.
    Answered on 3/29/2016 10:09:45 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post