Very light, useful, adequately comfortable

Reviewed by hike bike cook from Seattle, WA on Sunday, October 4, 2015
Bought two of these to replace our 3/4 air pads. Couldn't stand the discomfort of a 3/4 pad anymore. These are good.

First off, they both weighed in at 14 oz. on our scale, so, lighter than advertised - bonus! They made great camp/trail chairs, were helpful when we needed a stove wind screen and to lay out/dry gear on. We had them on the outside of our packs, so they were easy to access for an impromptu camp chair or wind cooking screen. I really liked their versatility perhaps more than any other thing about them.

They won't pop, which is more than could be said for my husband's "inflatable ultralight camp pillow" after only a few uses. They are reasonably warm, especially for 3 season stuff. We were in Denali, and had frost on our tent in the morning. The nights were windy and cold, and even our usually warm down sleeping bags required we sleep in clothes. So, for this trip, maybe we could have used something a little warmer, still, these did the job and certainly helped. Not as warm as I had hoped under these conditions, but ok. I don't get cold too easily, nor does the mr, but we were cold for sure a few nights. I shivered a little. Still, they were good enough and we made it, and our tent isn't the warmest either. For most three season stuff, I think they'd be great. Sleep comfort is adequate, not great, but I guess I expected that going in.

What impressed me most was the versatility and the price. They're waterproof, light, cheap, and make delightful chairs. I would have never busted out my inflatable pad to use around camp while filtering water or cooking etc. Definitely like that they're made here in Seattle.
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