What were they THINKING? It's beautiful, but WORTHLESS

Reviewed by california Gary from California on Saturday, February 13, 2016
Fresh out of the box, this wallet is very very nice, the leather is beautiful and feels great. That's where the pleasure ends.

First, the clear pocket intended for the driver license ID is too small. I struggled to get my license half way in, but reasoned that I'd need the jaws of life to get it out again. Of course, these days, a request for photo ID usually required that it be removed from one's wallet.

Then I tried inserting credit cards in the slots. That was just as much fun. The first one did go in, but it was snug. The second one in the next slot was tighter. Inserting the third hurt my fingers, and even then, it wouldn't go all the way in. Once again, removing them was very difficult. Just thinking about how many times in a day I reach for plastic was enough for me to grudgingly accept that this wallet is a failure. I gave it ONE STAR only because zero is not an option.

All this because the wallet is sewn just a bit too small. Increasing each slot by 1/16 inch would solve all its problems.

Clearly nobody at Timberland actually tried to USE this wallet. If they had, they would have recognized their mistakes.

I've very disappointed, but this wallet has to go back.