“Is this the newer 2014 design?”

Asked by Joshua from San diego on 9/27/2014 10:18:01 AM
  • No, the 2014 design has the buckles underneath the flap.
    Answered on 9/27/2014 11:58:42 AM by Kat from Colorado
  • I don't know. Sorry
    Answered on 9/27/2014 1:05:20 PM by Cynthia from Portland
  • No, this is a 2013 model.
    Answered on 9/27/2014 1:31:52 PM by Stern Owl from California
  • No, this is the previous design. No grab handle. No internal water bottle pocket.
    Answered on 9/27/2014 3:29:56 PM by BA from s. calif.
  • I just looked on their website and it does not appear to be the 2014 design. I say that because my outside flap does not have Timbuk2 spelled out like the picture on their website for the 2014 model. My guess is - this is the 2013 model ?
    Answered on 9/28/2014 2:03:10 AM by California Hiker from California
  • Its the 2013 version! Both have pros and cons but I'm loving this bag version indefinitely
    Answered on 9/28/2014 7:15:45 AM by Jansen from Moncton