just an AWFUL sewing job

Reviewed by HorseLover from NM on Friday, March 16, 2018
Like another review stated, the box for this item says that it fits from 22"-26" suitcases, not 36" like STP's description.

My suitcase is 24" long, and I had to really stretch the cover to fit the length. I wouldn't want to stretch it any further to fit a 26".

The box I received was taped up where there is a missing folding flap. There were previous labels affixed. It was probably a returned item.

The sewing on this is just awful, very unprofessional, improper, cheap, lousy, etc. Made by someone who doesn't know how to sew, or was in a really big hurry. In some areas the stitches weren't even sewn down & attached by the bobbin thread, which is the corresponding thread underneath. So then there's some loose loopy thread just hanging off the fabric until the stitching starts again. The stitching has uneven lengths throughout, the seams are of uneven widths, some stitches don't even cover the seams because the stitches are crooked and all over the place - on or off of the seams.

What the picture doesn't show are the side views. There are openings on both sides for suitcase handles. I would prefer just one opening because I would be worried that it would be caught/snagged by some airport luggage contraption on the side where I don't have a handle. I previously had a soft sided case (not with a cover like these, not with the extender unzipped) that got caught on something and it totally ripped the lid off on three sides.
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