Very poor quality from Travelpro

Reviewed by Chopperbob from Calif. on Monday, October 21, 2013
My wife has worked for the largest U.S. Airline for 27 years and has owned numerous bags from Travelpro. As you will see, this bag has been manufactured far below the standards of Travelpro's previous bags.

We bought this bag to take on a month long trip to the Middle East. It went through LAX and EWR-N.J. before going overseas. When we arrived in our N.J. hotel I stuck myself on some sharp, metal screws, exposed on the bottom of the bag! I inspected the bag and realized that a large plastic skid plate that had been fastened to the bottom of the bag had dropped off! Now the bag was resting on only the nylon material of the bag, when the bag stood upright, as in the photo, above. At this point, I notice that the left wheel was bent out at an angle, and I tried to bend it back straight. But the "axle" that it is attached to is very flimsy and would just flex out again. (The bag, loaded, weighed 52 lbs. according the airport scales).

On subsequent days of travel, the bag was very hard to pull because the bent wheels (now BOTH were bent) caused the bag bottom to scuff on the floors and sidewalks. Also, the bag would not stand up and fell over since the skid plate was missing.

To add insult to injury, the bag's zippers were temperamental and would not work well. Fortunately, we dealt with a good company, here, and they promptly gave us a refund on this poorly made product.

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