• Better yet, don't buy it at all. I got one for my petite 20 year old daughter who was going to work in the Amazon at a scientific (Tiputini) research station. She specifically needed waterproof wear as she was to be there six weeks with minimal electricity during a rainy season. I felt terrible when she returned home and said it was barely even repellent completely soaked through with a few minutes. I kept the jacket and tried it myself. It's decent as a wind barrier, but absolutely useless for wet weather protection. Did not return it because I'd purchased it several months before she left for Ecuador and she was there for six months..she went home to Boston and didn't give me the jacket till a month after she returned to NYC.

    There's a reason it's being sold on STP so cheaply.
    Answered on 8/9/2015 8:48:55 AM by Sarah Yuster from Staten Island, NYC
  • call siera and talk to a rep., they will help you with these questions. if you can get this line it is a fantastic product, don't be afraid to size up, kids grow! i'm longer and taller then most gals so i like my stuff to have pleanty of room, for layers etc., sleaves r always an issue for me (to short) tresspass has me covered. hope this helps! ;)
    Answered on 8/14/2015 11:32:54 AM by cj the perfectionist from nwMT