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  • Reviewed by SK from NC on Tuesday, March 13, 2018
    I was expecting this to be white on the top half. Mine is definitely off white. In the photo it looked like it might have a smooth feel. It feels more like heavy canvas. It has little more of a rugged look in person than in the photo. Despite all of these unexpected differences I am very happy with this bag. It seems to be made very well and the heavy canvas seems like it will hold up for a long time. I love that the top has a zipper. I love, love, love that it has a shoulder strap! Now I only want totes that have a shoulder strap! It is so much easier to carry on a day trip. I pack water bottles in my totes to carry around on day trips. The shoulder strap (I use it like a crossbody) is wonderful and makes such a difference since the weight is across my body and not just on my shoulder. I will only have totes now that have shoulder straps. I am spoiled.
  • Verified Buyer Reviewed by JMR from Midwest on Tuesday, February 27, 2018
    I was hoping it would be a little bit larger.
  • Reviewed by Sometimes-Urban Jane from Pacific on Friday, February 23, 2018
    Got this for EDC (because of size, for A5 notebooks), for intermittent carrying. So many pockets = versatile functionality.

    TRAVEL: Unexpected degree of security = I'd take this to airport (unless wanting majorly knifeproof bag). (TIP: Hiding place behind the internal zip-pocket.)

    Design allows a deceptive TWO-inch width. Difficult to see in photo: The base has internal dart/tuck - allowing main compartment to lay flat (one-inch width), with ordinary load. (Tip: When need to over-fill the large cavity: first, secure hidden snap - between flap and main section - to prevent large bellow of the accordian-pleat.)

    Top-access is mildly-awkward, but not a deal-breaker. It will likely relax with use. Similarly, cross-body strap is not ergonomic: wouldn't want this for lots of walking with heavy-load. (With 6# load, no sign of strain to the bag - just to upper back.)

    If this is size bag you seek, get this (if available). Color is a medium-warm brown, slightly darker than the picture (despite manufacturer's description of "Army Green).

    Design, construction and materials are very good. Get it for utilitarian value, and expect compliments. If you lend it, prepare to get another.

    Though it's not the "oiled canvas" described by other reviewer, I do expect it to "survive and recover from" rain - say, caught in 10-minute downpour and allowed to dry out (at room temperature or slightly warmer).

    First time I've seen this brand. Impressive. I'd get other, similar products from this company (when price is right), especially if the shoulder strap is comfortable or, otherwise, improvable at reasonable DIY or expense.
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