Best Swedish style goggles ever

Reviewed by Davey Crockett from Tennessee, California on Saturday, March 26, 2016
Love them. An avid swimmer for 35 years, I decided to revisit the Swedish style goggle that requires no soft eye seal material.
TYR Socket Rockets don't need soft seals as they make a great seal with a simple effective shape. Fitting nicely in the eye socket, not needing any rubber, neoprene, foam, or silicone seals that always warp, rip, disintegrate or otherwise degrade over time.

Last time I tried Swedish goggles like this over 20 years ago, I was impressed with the physics but didn't love them. They just felt funny. The TYRs feel great. Although it may take 1-2 swims to get used to the fit, they are as comfortable as any goggle I've ever owned. Ready to buy a couple more pairs right now. Highly recommended. A+
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