Compact size, hot pepper

Reviewed by Anonymous from Fayetteville, Arkansas, U. S. A. on Monday, August 18, 2014
I bought this for my wife and a neighbor who walks with her. Both women have been challenged by dogs in the neighborhood. They are allowed to run loose and terrorize people who walk in front of the dog's owner's house. He refused to put them up and even denied the dogs were his. As an instructor in the use of pepper spray I noticed STP's listing. I bought the spray and now my wife and neighbor carry it when they walk. A few things to remember, the more Scoville Heat Units the hotter it is and if one sprays' a dog or person intent upon some felonious deed do not stop, keep going. Be sure and wash your hands thoroughly. Do not touch or rub your eyes when this spray is used until the hands are washed. This is a nice compact size that fits in smaller hands or in a purse. A short test spray should be done to insure the canister operates correctly. DO NOT test this inside your house. If used in a real attack buy another. DO NOT leave this in a car during the summer months as it has the potential to explode. If alcohol is the ingredient that makes it spray under pressure keep it away from flames. Finally check the expiration date on the canister.

For the price this product is really a steal. STP provides nice quality products at a great price.
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