Well, it IS light. It's not "virtually unbreakable' though.

Reviewed by ghopper from Washington on Monday, January 26, 2015
A thin plastic with a laminated reflective backing. Mine arrived with a serious crack around the hole for the lanyard and some of the reflective material around the edges already lifting.

I had a similar one (thicker plastic, reflective coating laminated to the back the same as this one) that failed after it was brought along on a rather wet 10 day trip. Moisture got behind the lamination and bit by bit, the reflective coating came off.

You might not have to worry with this thought since the plastic may well break before the lamination comes off. The crack radiates in both directions from the hole and will finish splitting the first time the mirror is flexed.

The other negative is no sighting hole like most signal mirrors have. But, this will work, and it also works as an inexpensive back-country mirror.

At the price, it's hard to complain and it may work for your needs, particularly for children where the item may very well get lost or broke before long. That's where this one is going. Only two stars because it really isn't a good signal mirror. More than 'no-stars' because it is a mirror and light.
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