NOT a Weathervane

Reviewed by Mom from Here on Tuesday, March 6, 2018
I sent the following to STP: "...the weather vane isn't a weather vane. The spheres and directional indicators spin, but not the arrow and cow. I even had the technology major son look at it and he says it is properly assembled and there is no way the arrow with cow can spin. On a real weather vane the directional indicators are fixed and the arrow spins. This is more like some bizarre wind spinner made to resemble a weather vane. Either this one is made very wrong or your description is inaccurate."

The response I got back is that it is supposed to be that way. I wrote back and hopefully they will change the description, but in the meantime, you've been warned. It's also flimsy and very poorly constructed - crooked as can be, bent, with joints that don't even line up. Will be sending it back.