Lightweight Heavy Lifter

Verified Buyer Reviewed by cyclestupor from Colorado on Tuesday, April 19, 2016
I bought this pack primarily to haul climbing gear to/from the crag, and as a day-pack for long hikes.

It has one main compartment, and a small zippered compartment on the top. Cinch cords on either side can be tightened to hold the load close to the body, and are useful for lashing things like jackets, shoes... etc to the outside of the pack. It is difficult to see in the pictures, but the cinch cords run through small hooks in the front of the pack to allow them to be unfastened and refastened. This feature is especially useful for lashing a rope to the pack.

The pack is extremely lightweight, and yet it is one of the few lightweight packs with a semi-rigid (removable) back panel, and generous padding around the spine. This makes the pack quite a bit more comfortable than some of the other lightweight packs i tried. It can be stuffed to the brim with heavy gear, but it still maintains it's shape and holds the load close to the body.

The waist strap runs fairly high on my waist and so it serves more to secure the pack close to the body, than to relieve weight from the shoulders. In my case this is beneficial, because i can wear a harness with it, and the pack doesn't interfere.

I can't really report on it's durability yet. It appears to be well made, with fairly durable materials and quality stitching. That said, I don't really expect any lightweight pack to hold up to a lot of abrasion.

About the only complaint I have with the pack is that the secondary compartment on top of the pack is really small, and there are no pockets on the sides. If I fill up the lid with lunch, then I am forced to carry some small miscellaneous items in the main compartment. E.g. headlamp, knife, snacks, guidebook... etc.
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