Love voile

Reviewed by Mtn chica from Big sky on Saturday, October 29, 2016
Voile shovels are the best. They are very strong and do their job very well. I have numerous voile shovels. Thought I would check this one out, cause I'm always excited about having yet another snow saw. And for the price, this was definitely worth it. First off, I do prefer the larger shovel blades; this one is a bit on the wimpier side, but it's still ok. The saw itself seems pretty awesome. It's got pretty sharp cutters, and has 5cm interval markers on it. Doubt it can also cut through trees the way my G3 Bonesaw does, but it'll do the job in snow. The saw blade is 35cm long. The one largest drawback, in addition to wimpy shovel blade size, is that it isn't an extendable handle (and I do also prefer the D-handles). But, that is the tradeoff for having a snow saw included in the handle. It does stow away nicely. I look forward to giving it a go this winter. If you're wanting a kit for recreational use and going to be digging some basic snow pits but not using the shovel constantly, I recommend buying it.
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