4 season at this price

Reviewed by bob from colorado on Tuesday, July 9, 2013
i love tents. i have not been able to always afford the best. but this tent comes close that......engineering is alsome. ived own the best that said it is a moss tent, ive enjoyed a 2 person 3 season and the best tent ever made was the 4 season 3 person moss tent..i let someone talk me out of it , i was saving it for a expedition that never happened...i do not question this design it has every bell and whistle a tent can have....there was not enough specs for me. wheres the water proof rating? i checked the wenger site ,still no more info..that said i would not go to everst in this untill i personally get to test it in some 4 season conditions..thats going to take a couple of years..but i look forward to making this a storm proof base camp tent....too heavy to pack any where. its probable too small for a base tent too. but ive tried rei base, and marmont base, they couldnt handle it........i will get buy in this 3 person tent knowing i will be protected. thats what i think i will be protected in this tent, only time can prove it... thanks bob.
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