nice, inexpensive snow bibs for growing kids (and adults!)

Reviewed by WisconsinRJ13 from Madison, WI on Monday, February 8, 2016
Bought larger versions for my daughter and myself. Liked them enough to buy the snow bibs for my (still growing) twin boys. Simple water resistant, adjustable straps, legs rug a little long for the kids, but work well with winter boots. NORMAL amount of insulation from the CHINESE branded manufacturer. However, once my youngest son starting wearing his set in December 2015, we noticed his set was thinner, and came from a BANGLADESH manufacturer. I thought my son was kidding, but I looked over all 4 sets: His had 0% insulation. I really mean it: 0%. The front/back fabrics were simply sewn together -- no layer of any kind of insulation in between. We compared all the bibs to each other: China-made had about 1/4 inch of batting/insulation between the fabric layers. So, either a one off bad set, or Bangladesh made the item to the wrong specifications. I contacted both White Sierra directly (to let them know of the insulation problem), as well as Sierra Trading Post. STP replied right away, said they'd look into the issue, and issued me a credit for bringing the problem to their attention. Otherwise, we love the inexpensive White Sierra brand snow bibs for all sizes (kid-small adult-adult).
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