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Reviewed by Big Al from Colorado on Monday, October 6, 2014
Went to write my review; and wow; I always take a peek before ordering; but I did not realize how well these things have done in review land.
Anyhow; my review.

Great from the get-go; good cloth/fabric on the body, and a ~200 weight fleece on the top. Ankle elastic, and larger than usual zipper gauge. Wish they made a pair in adult. :/

Child loved them from the moment he ( we ) put the 2T size on. A little big; but child is small. No issue. Worry was that he might outgrow; I was reading the tags, and ..."Room to Grow" was on one of the tags. - the shoulder seams have extra material to be let out in a season or two; and the kicker is that it is done Right. I mean, each tab has material on both sides of the seam; so the 'balance' of the garment over the shoulder remains even. The leg cuffs have a similar; but for them, just cut the red thread, and an additional 1" of leg is released. Flat out amazing.

Can not gush enough about these. Child even loved the pockets; what a place to put a peanut in for the squirrel feeding walks.

Thanks again STP, stay oh so so classy and faithful too. :)

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