Unbelievable bargain!

Reviewed by Momof4boys from Chicago on Saturday, November 4, 2017
I was looking for a new down winter jacket for my son and showed him some of the bigger-named options, but he didn't like them. He saw this one and wanted it. I wasn't familiar with the White Sierra brand, but did a little research and saw that it is carried by most of the high quality outdoor retailers, so I decided to give it a shot. At this price, it would be a bargain even if it wasn't the greatest. I'm so glad I did! The fabric is high quality and so soft, and the loft is the perfect weight. It has details you don't see even in the other more well-known brands. My son really likes the inside phone pocket that has an opening you can feed your ear phone wire through--very convenient when riding public transportation and you need to keep your phone hidden. If you are considering a jacket twice (or three times!) the price, try this one first.