• It looks like a 31 inch inseam. Not sure what long rise means, but it fits my husband's fanny and he's 54 years old...so a bit wider than a young man.
    Answered on 10/22/2017 10:41:29 AM by TigerMom from Ridgefield
  • When I ordered the pants (32" Waist) it was available in only 32"inseam. To find out what sizes are available, it is best to call them. They are very helpful.
    Answered on 10/22/2017 12:22:19 PM by Ja from Georgia
  • The only inseam that we currently have available is 32". Due to the nature of the closeout business, we often receive items in limited quantities. Therefore, some sizes and colors can sell out quickly. Occasionally we are able to reorder a product, but closeout items are typically unable to be reordered. We suggest signing up for the My Updates as the best way to monitor incoming products. You will receive email notifications of our newest stock items.
    Answered on 10/23/2017 8:59:25 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post