• My girlfriend is a size 9 1/2 womens, and I bought her a pair that she loves. We used them once already and they worked great for the old style I got her 2 sizes larger then what was suggested online( they suggested a 41), did the same for me, and they fit perfectly with thick socks. So in the end, she is wearing a 43, if you want it a little tighter fit, go with a 42.
    Answered on 12/23/2016 8:09:02 PM by Quinn from Vermont
  • FYI, for other women trying to figure out how to size these boots, I am a women's size 9 shoe and a women's size 9.5 hiking boot. I ended up with a size 41 in these, but it took 3 attempts. I started with a size 42 based on the VT user's feedback. But even with my heavy wool socks and a sock liner, the boots were much too loose. (As unisex boots, note that they are wider all around than women's boots.) They felt SO big that I next ordered a size 40. But while the width in the 40 felt good, they were too short; my big toe was jammed against the front of the boot. The size 41 turned out to be the best fit. I think. I'm now waiting for it to snow again so that I can test them out for real.
    Answered on 1/28/2017 12:29:37 AM by KLBS from Massachusetts