Easy to use, should get a lot of use

Reviewed by Drifting Dreamer from California on Friday, December 19, 2014
I'm new to pressure cooking and was trying to decide which brand to buy. WMF was a top contender, so when I saw this set, I sprang for it, and I am glad I did. There is a small learning curve to pressure cooking, but this system is easy to use, easy to clean, and seems utterly safe. I thought I might find adjusting and maintaining pressure on my slow to react glass cooktop a challenge, but so far so good. These are heavy duty pots. The 8+ quart pot is big, but not unmanageable, and I like that I will have the option of large batches of soup or stock and won't have to worry about having sufficient capacity for big family meals. I like that the pressure can be released from the handle without getting near the steam vents. From what I have read, WMF pressure cookers may not achieve quite the high pressure of other brands, but this difference is effectively negligible when it comes to cooking (and there has been both rounding up and rounding down of pressure measurements in brand comparisons). The manual says it cooks at 239° F. The manual is generally good, though I initially was confused about the three pressure indicator lines, a question which seems to have been addressed in a perhaps hastily added comment in the cooking time chart. "Caution: The ring is given refer to the two orange rings and not to the yellow pressure indicator ring."
Accessories and replacement parts seem readily available, though not necessarily at bargain prices.
“Awesome device that provides great results.” Next Review