Runs small - didn't like the 2 layer system

Reviewed by Steve from Atlanta on Wednesday, February 22, 2017
I wear a 10.5 so I bought the large which fits up to an 11 US. To be honest, I didn't know what a double layer sock was when I bought these. I bought them because they were synthetic and inexpensive and figured they were worth a try. Back to the double layer thing - these are pretty much like wearing two different socks that are minimally sewn together around the ankle/heel area and at the top. As such there is a lot of movement between the two layers. I'm not sure how movement between layers is any different than movement between sock and shoe from an anti-blister perspective. Lastly, because there are two layers I think they run smaller than normal. The outside layer seemed to be the appropriate size but The inside layer constricted my toes and was uncomfortable. I will not be wearing this sock and it would cost me more to return that it cost to purchase.

All of this said, It seemed like a decently made sock for the price. If you like double layer socks and the points above are typical for this style then it's probably worth a look. However, i would size up if you are close to the top end of the size band.