Too small! Different shape, won't stay on as well as other models.

Reviewed by Amber from Colorado on Wednesday, January 13, 2016
I ordered the large for a size 13 M's boot. They didn't fit on the boot so I tried a size 13 M's running shoe. Nope! I finally got them to just barely fit on my 8.5 M's boot. I've been using other models of Yaktrax for 10 years so am familiar with good fit.

The shape of these are different from my other Yaktrax, the Walk and the Pro. They don't go as high up over the edges of the shoes, and there's a large tab on the sides in the middle of the shoe---why?! The rubber is stiffer than my Walk & Pro and I don't expect it to loosen up. So it's harder to get them on a shoe, and the shape makes them not stay on as well. It's confusing why they'd change what was a good and simple design.

In principle I do like that the rubber seems more heavy duty, but it really needs to go up higher on the shoe/boot and not have the tabs sticking out on the side and back. If you kick a rock or your other foot while wearing these they will likely come off :(

The carbide plate is pretty neat. If the rubber isn't too stretched out then it stays in just fine. If I had managed to stretch my size L it over a size 13 boot then I'm sure the plate would have popped out.

Overall I'd rather use my old Pro or Walk. I was excited about this product but am disappointed. I'm hesitant to try the Run model :(
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